PERGO Showroom
Showroom guidelines for China expansion

Promoting premium parquet and laminate floors in a saturated market.

Swedish-based and world leading manufacturer of flooring solution, Pergo enters China through local distributors. It needed a strong yet elegant way to display all its offering: premium parquet and laminate floors. The entire design solution needed to be scalable and flexible enough to be adapted locally by independent reseller.
Final result is an extremly well organised space, providing maximum exposure for all Pergo’s solutions. Following this design, several showrooms has been opened across China providing a consistent brand experience to all visitors and establishing a strong first foothold for the company in the Chinese market.

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The Mint
Retail Space for Premium European tableware

How to promote equally and within a common space, various brands with different tonality and spirit?

The challenge was to expose the various premium brands in a common space and highlight the identity of each brand. Furthermore, we needed to allow for future capability to add or remove any of these brands without the general atmosphere of the store being affected.

Over 40 shops and counters have been upgraded to this new design. 

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SDFZ Stadium
New Sport Centre

How to promote a highly ranked unknown Chinese middle school to international standards?

The Affiliated High School of Shanxi University (SDFZ) is one of the top 10 Chinese middle schools; established in 1955 by the Red Army, the school was previously a formation centre for the Communist Party.

Back in 2012, we helped SDFZ redefine their communication strategy and VI guidelines. Following this foundation work we cooperated again with SDFZ to design their new sport centre: a massive 3 floors stadium of 5,600sqm.
Stadium halls were decorated with geometrical Sports and Art figures. All were made of steel sheets and steel frame filled with colourful acrylic to emphasise the sprit of SDFZ which focuses on the development of student's morality, intelligence, physical abilities, art and handwork skills.
In the indoor stadium (2nd floor), we merged the traditional Chinese calligraphy with modern graffiti style. Again, we play with strong visual and use a set of bright colours to motivate students.

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Lifestyle retail space

Respect Fissler brand, use its history and develop an emotional space where people feel at ease to discover and purchase.

Fissler Studio (250sqm) boasts a variety of other premium European brands that complete Fissler's kitchenware offering.

We divided Fissler Studio like a house, providing various demonstration areas where customers can experience new cooking tips, test wine and/or premium olive oil. 

This concept store is now being used as the retail guidelines for all new Fissler stores throughout China.

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QiXian School Outdoor
Fresh historical school revamping

Revamp the entire school tonality without losing its historical tracks.

This started as a massive outdoor branding project for QiXian school, in Shanxi province. We took our inspiration from the school's history and its key role during the communist revolution. The branding rehaul unfolds into a full landscape design project as we redesigned all their recreational parks, educational sculptures, and sport areas.

Our final solution was visually striking and cost effective. We mixed bright colours and ink drawings to rejuvenate communist spirit into a modern realm.

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Jereh Museum
Oil Equipment Museum

Jereh indoor and outdoor museum

We helped to conceptualize and visualize Jereh's new headquarters located in Beijing. The main buildings highlight Jereh's extensive knowledge in underground drilling; the connection between outdoor and indoor spaces is a visual clean cut of the building's volume with the indoor space also being used as VIP meeting area.

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LongShanYuan Cemetery
Leveraging funeral environment

LongShanYuan Cemetery needed some support to leverage its full scope of services: from the funeral ceremony to the management of tombs. 

We worked closely with their team to refine the outdoor layout, interior design and visual communication. Park areas provided improved privacy zones and a peaceful environment, allowing mourners to go through their difficult times in a more serene setting.

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Fissler Online
O2O strategy to leverage brand value

How to develop online presence and sales without losing your core values ?

Back in October 2014, we helped Fissler China to set-up and run their first TMall store. In one month time, we shoot over 150 products (around 2000 pictures in high quality including post-production...) and set-up the entire back-end of their online store. Through monthly promotions -around 2 per month- on TMall, we achieved tremendous sales results online (can't disclose the numbers here for obvious reasons). After only 12 month, Fissler China is now one of the top players online which support strongly his offline presence and services.


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JCDecaux XMas
XMas at Shanghai airport

Green XMas decoration for Shanghai Hongqiao airport.

With limited time (15 days including production) we provided JC Decaux Shanghai with a full XMas concept: from concept to final production of lovely music boxes in a shape of a Xmas tree and balls.

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Full VI development
Healthy drink for better lifestyle

Healthy drinks vs Energy drinks

Well established in China since 2004, ICHIMore is facing fierce competition from many energy drink producers. To stand out and avoid market loss, we have shifted the brand on a different market positioning with less competitors and where it can expand much easily its range of healthy products.

The full VI (corporate and marketing parts) was developed within 5 months and we are now implementing the new VI tonality into their full product range.

All products will be released this April 2016! Stay alert!

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Gooden Switch
Cover plate for electrical switch

The ideal finish for any renovation

Australian- based company Gooden Industries approached us to help redesign the cover plate of their electrical switches; with only 3 models available since the 90's, the Australian and New Zealand markets were starved for variety.

From 2D concept to full 3D surface development, we provided 18 models following a consistent design language and surface finishes.

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Sounds & Style

Product and brand development for music lovers.

The Shenzen -based company approached us to develop a new design language for their latest line of headsets. 

We created and developed the entire identity of the new line: from naming to logo development and web site structure.

The work is still in progress, to know more about this project please contact us.


Wake Up with Style

How to give a fresh look and new features to a 80-year-old product?

Sony's request was to give a new life to the old FM radio, make it shine without sacrificing user experience. 

Our first step was to get rid of the traditional "black box" radio by dividing the features by shape. Each part of the new radio represents a specific feature: legs to adjust FM frequency and time for the clock.

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3D printing for home use

How to illustrate the technical possibilities within rapid prototyping through a common object?

This project was a dream; we were asked to design something impossible to produce with classical industrial processes. We choose a simple product to experiment: a lampshade.

The structure of the lampshade is directly inspired by a traditional lamp made of organic material. We added a little twist in our concept: the surface is never ending, going from outside to inside continuously. 

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Photo credit: Antoine Persyn



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